Doggie Bag: Meisel in Pieces, Marc and Renzo Team Up, and Karl's Spread of Choice

pmlinks1110This Steven Meisel puzzle is stylish G-rated family time fun. Well, not that G-rated. (Style File)
Tina Brown's "Project Runway" inauguration gown project upended by crafty Canadians. Well, not that crafty…(Jezebel)
A 2,000-year-old gold earring was found in Israel, suggesting that we're only two millenniums away from a matching set. (Huffington Post)
Marc Jacobs spits in his palm and shakes Renzo Rosso's hand. (WWD)
Japan gets only marginally crazier as thousands line the streets of Tokyo, jostling to be the first to get buy Comme des Garçons H+M collection. (Slam X Hype)
Helping hands, indeed. (Cup of Joe)
Lauren Bush just gets more awesome with each day. (W)
"Ich kann nicht glauben dass es Butter ist!" (The Cut)

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