Head Down Under With Australia's 5 Most Mind-Blowing Designers

Though influenced by British and American street style, Australian fashion fuses its own unique blend of beach culture with a sense of objectivity and distance. The result is one of the most vibrant fashion scenes in the world — the bright colors of the country meet a sense of Eastern experimentalism: Australia is, of course, at the very edge of the world.
With a smaller size and its native language being the export-friendly English, you've got one of the most nurturing environments for a designer to cut his or her teeth. Which is why some of the blogosphere's favorite labels — Camilla & Marc and Mink Pink, to name a few — hail from the country. The runway scene is just as vibrant, and with Australian Fashion Week rapidly approaching, we wanted to give it up for down-under by picking our five AFW faves that are making waves both at home and in the States. Oh, and if you want to see their killer shows in person, we've got the hookup on that, too. Prepare to fall in love with more than just koalas and dingos with these Aussies on the rise.
Photo: Courtesy of Alice McCall

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