10 Touristy Things You'll Actually Enjoy

UPDATE: Feeling less than motivated on this lazy Sunday? Try one of these awesome activities on for size. This story was originally published on March 7.
We can talk up our stellar metropolis 'til we're blue in the face, but the proof that Chicago rocks is in the fact that tourists never stop showing up (and crashing on our couches!). Any gracious host within city limits would probably be more than happy to show off the best of Chi-town's restaurants, recreations, and landmarks, but we have a better idea. Instead of showing your out-of-towners a boilerplate good time, take our advice and plan a day that's new to you, too. We picked 10 touristy activities that even a lifer will love. You'll score major points for entertaining your guests with fresh flair, all while enjoying your hometown in fun ways you'll want to try again and again. Click through and learn how to show off the Second City like the creative, in-the-know host that you are.

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