Day Pass: Have A Mini Vaycay In Pilsen

As Chicagoans, we’re notoriously bad at leaving the comfort of our own neighborhoods — those little microcosms where everything we could possibly need — food, friends, bars, shops — are all within walking distance. Once in a blue moon, we might travel to an adjacent 'hood if someone offers to drive, but generally, we’re pretty content staying right where we are. Shame on us for neglecting all of Chicago’s cool neighborhoods! Take Pilsen, for example. How many times have you said "Pilsen? It’s sooooo far." Take our advice, though; it's worth the trip. (Pilsen's less than two miles from downtown, people!) As a gritty, vibrant, and uber-urban neighborhood, it's up-and-coming status puts it at the top of our list for places to spend the day in Chicago. With its under-the-radar (and award-winning) restaurants, hip boutiques, eclectic galleries, and a bevy of both fine and street art, Pilsen is on the fast track to becoming Chicago’s next big thing. Click through to read up on all of our can't-miss spots!

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