Let A Personal Shopper Organize Your Closet For Spring

During the hard-to-style stretch between winter and spring, the situation in your closet can get a little crazy — light scarves mingling with heavy coats, pastel prints clashing with primary hues, floaty chiffons and chunky knits vying for space...ack. But, we can help you keep the peace — or at least, we can introduce you to the peacekeeper.
Margaret Lilly, of personal shopping service Lilly's Closet, has one of the sweetest closets we've ever seen — orderly but inviting, fully stocked but well-edited. It's a happy place, for sure. And while we're not all blessed with magical storage spaces, à la Cher in Clueless, we can all work with what we've got, to create an incredibly organized home for our wardrobe. We got Lilly to spill her top tricks for reining in an out-of-control dressing area, so click through for the scoop on what to buy (and do) to get your stuffed space in shape.

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