6 L.A. Thrift Shops Where You Can Score AND Save

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on February 13.]
We're the first to admit that when it comes to vintage, we've got champagne taste on a PBR budget. And someone has to say it, but just what exactly is going on with the vendors at the flea markets lately? Last month at the Rose Bowl, we asked for a smidge of a discount, and the peddler totally snapped at us!
With all of the expertly curated (and expensive) retro shops in town, it's easy to forget that the good ol' Goodwill still exists if you're down for a dig. But thanks to our recent flea-market frustration and minimal moolah situation, we figured it was time to scour the city for rockin' reduced regalia at the real econo-shops scattered about town. From Ferragamo heels for $18 and a 24-buck luxe leopard coat, you'll definitely leave these six hand-me-down hotspots with some prime finds — for just a song!

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