We Didn't See This Coming: Adriana Lima Has A Rando Pump Up Jam

It might be normal to occasionally spot a model walking the streets of NYC, but in the midst of Fashion Week, those genetically-blessed babes are treating the city like it's their playground. We managed to grab a few seconds with one of the most bewitching of them all, Adriana Lima , at Victoria's Secret in Soho for their Valentine's Day event. While we just had to ask her some questions surrounding those diet rumors, we actually found her runway rituals pretty blasé — her music choice, however, threw us for quite a loop. Think Victoria's Secret models were only into Kanye and Maroon 5? Think again maestro.
What are your pre-show dieting rituals?
"Healthy diet, regardless of Fashion Week or not!"
How many hours of sleep do you get before a show?
"At least eight."
How do you psych yourself up when you're backstage? How do you get really excited?
"What do you mean, psych out?"
How do you get your energy up?
"I listen to music, right before the show. There is a song, "O Fortuna," Carmina Burana, that's what I listen [to] before."
How do you relax after a crazy day of modeling?
"I relax by spending time with my daughter, watching...like, I don't know...Tinkerbell or something."
Photo: Courtesy of KCD

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