The Desk Job Girl's Guide To A Rockin' Rear End

Those of us with desk jobs and crazy-long workdays care just as much about staying toned (particularly in the backside area) as those busy worker bees who aren't squinting into a computer all day. Meet Anita Reyna, in-house trainer at the Raddison Blu Aqua Hotel and a fitness-focused Chicagoan who totally, well, gets your ass. Time, circumstances, and logistics are against us, but Anita has a plan. Read on for the Desk Job Girl's Guide To A Rockin' Rear End, and learn about the small changes you can make to your work routine that will add up to fit results. Give new meaning to the term multitasking and start revolutionizing the the way you stay toned – from the bottom up.
Before you begin, make sure you've got these essentials stashed at your desk!
Gofit Medicine Ball, $39.99, available at Target. Nalgene OTG 24 oz BPA Free Water Bottle, $5.48, available at Campsaver. Nike 'Free TR Fit 2' Training Shoe, $90, available at Nordstrom.
Main Squeeze
1. Place a soft medicine ball between your knees.
2. While seated, squeeze the ball between the knees as hard as possible for 3 minutes straight.
Important: Make sure you are squeezing your butt muscles and the inner thighs together!
Hold It!
1. While seated in your chair, straighten one leg and elevate it.
2. Stand all the way up using the leg that’s still on the floor.
3. Sit down.
4. Repeat 15 times with each leg.
Pass The Ball
1. You'll be doing a reverse lunge, meaning a lunge backward, not forward.
2. During the reverse lunge, pass a soft medicine ball from your right hand to your left underneath your leg.
3. Repeat 30 times, alternating legs.
Keep Your Balance
1. Stand on one foot.
2. Squat down using the leg you're standing on.
3. Place a soft medicine ball in the opposite hand of the leg standing and touch the floor with the ball. (You may use the desk or a chair for balance by holding onto it).
Important: Make sure as you bend your knee, your knee does not extend over your toe.
Squats Of Steel
1. Place your back against a wall.
2. Slide down until your knees are bent 90 degrees.
3. Pick up one leg at a time alternating each leg.
Important: Put your weight in your heels to target the glutes and make sure your knees do not extend over your toes.
Need a little more guidance? Email our trainer Anita Reyna for a training appointment at the Raddison Blu Aqua Hotel.

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