NYC Yoga Map: The Best City Dens To Get Zen

UPDATE: Fashion week is upon us, which means life is about to get hectic for New Yorkers. De-stress now, to save yourself later. This story was originally published on January 25.
If you live or work in NYC — or just happen to be passing through — you know the joys of crowded commutes, high-stress work environments, and less-than-figure-friendly meals on the go. What you need to combat all of that is a little namaste in your life — some physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal that makes you feel OM-azing (if only for 90 minutes). Luckily, here in the Big Apple, there are nearly as many yoga studios as there are hot-dog vendors, no matter the 'hood. Whether you want to do some Bakasana in Brooklyn or get your Utkatasana on Uptown, just consider us your NYC gurus. We've found all the right spots to recharge your chi, perfect your most pretzel-like poses, and downward dog your way to a healthier, more peaceful mind. You can thank us later for that rockin' bod, too.
Additional yoga research by Desiree Paix
Pure Yoga
Offering a wide range of classes — from Pure Core classes taught in a heated room to meditations segments throughout the day, and their new addition of barre-based classes — this West-side staple has tons of options to power your body and connect with your chi.
Pure Yoga, 204 West 77th Street (at Amsterdam Avenue); 212-877-2025. (multiple locations)
Ishta Yoga
Ishta Yoga takes a flexible approach in that it incorporates different yogic styles, including Hatha, Tanta, and Ayurveda, to suit the needs of each individual. Get the the full experience with their studio offerings of Western massages, retreats, and private instructor sessions.
Ishta Yoga, 1026 3rd Avenue (between 60th and 61st streets); 212-888-9642. (multiple locations)
Life in Motion
Hey mamas (and soon-to-be mamas)! This uptown studio offers pre-natal and children's classes on top of their standard vinyasa and hatha schedule. You and your little ones can zen out in one spot. Ah, sounds peaceful, right?
Life in Motion, 250 West 106th Street (at Broadway); 212-666-0870.
Yoga Vida
If you've hesitated to join a yoga studio before because of the sometimes (very) steep prices, check out Yoga Vida NYC. Drop-in rates are as little as $6, and you can also rent towels and mats, and anything else you might need. The studio offers tons of classes every day, meaning there's lots of different ways you can fit your practice into your busy life.
Yoga Vida, 99 University Place (between 11th and 12 streets); 212-845-9973.
Bikram Yoga
If you've always wanted to give bikram yoga a try, head down to this Union Square locale. Not only are the rates super-affordable (only $120 for a month of unlimited yoga!), the studio is also super clean and very spacious, making it a lot easier to sweat buckets in this high-heated practice.
Bikram Yoga, 841 Broadway (between 13th and 14th streets); 212-929-8926.
Sonic Yoga
This Midtown studio prides itself on it's warm atmosphere that invites anyone to enjoy the practice, challenges, and rewards of a mindful yoga session. Come for the exercise, stay for the hospitality.
Sonic Yoga, 754 9th Avenue (at 51st Street), # 2; 212-397-6344.
Although yoga as a whole focuses on uniting the body and the mind, Jivamukti Yoga School truly goes above and beyond with their services. Besides offering a variety of classes, including special sessions for teens, expecting mothers, busy workers, and more, they also offer classes on anatomy, sanskrite and sacred texts, as well as massages, acupuncture, shamanic healing and detox cleansing, yoga as therapy, and a whole lot more. Trust us, you won't be at a loss for ways to rejuvenate your body and your spirit here.
Jivamukti, 841 Broadway (between 13th and 14th Streets), #2; 212-929-8926.
The Shala
We have never had a yoga tagline draw us in so much: "Over time the body becomes light and strong and the mind becomes calm and steady." This is the promise of this Union Square yoga center, and this is why we'll make time to head there.
The Shala, 815 Broadway (between 11th and 12th streets); 212-979-9988.
Bikram Yoga LES
Ready to sweat? Hit up Bikram Yoga LES for an intense workout in a super-hot room. Devotees swear by this heated practice, which allows your body to rid itself of toxins, deepen your stretches, and so much more. If you're a newbie to Bikram, be sure to check out the studio's site for the lowdown on how to prep, what to wear, and what to expect for your first session.
Bikram Yoga LES, 172 Allen Street (between Rivington and Stanton streets); 212-353-8859.
Yoga To The People
We'll admit, we like the idea that we can still master our practice even when money's tight, but there's so many more reasons to like about Yoga To The People. The ones that top our list are friendly, skilled instructors and challenging classes that really get your heart pumping. Show up early to claim a spot and be prepared to get a little close to your neighbor as the classes tend to fill up.
Yoga To The People, 12 St. Marks Place (between 2nd and 3rd avenues); 917-573-9642. (donation based)
Three Jewels
While you fulfill your physical yoga exercise, tap into the true practice that ties to your spiritual and emotional needs, as well. This Union Square loft is also an outreach center focused on helping those in need of love, guidance, and a spiritual connection that can be nurtured through yoga, meditation, and dharma.
Three Jewels, 61 4th Avenue (between 9th and 10th streets), # 3; 212-475-6650. (donation based)
Dharma Mittra
Go deep into your yoga practice at Sri Dharma Mittra's East-Side yoga sanitary in which the renown Guru offers classes and training that he says can strengthen a student's physical and mental health.
Dharma Mittra, 297 3rd Avenue (between 22nd and 23rd streets), # 3; 212-889-8160.
Laughing Lotus
A slew of master classes, dedication to charity, and warm, open atmosphere are what the Laughing Lotus prides itself on. Starting from small beginnings (AKA an NYC rooftop playground), the center has grow substantially in size and in followers over the past 13 years.
Laughing Lotus, 59 West 19th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues), # 3C; 212-414-2903.
Katonah Yoga
With all the things we have to remember each day, for some reason we still always forget to breathe. The Katonah Yoga center can help you with that, with classes that welcome novices and advanced yogis alike.
Katonah Yoga, 267 West 17th Street (at 8th Avenue); 212-255-2188.
Yoga Works
With many studios all around New York and across the country, Yoga Works is a well-established studio that not only features several different types of yoga, they also offer pilates, yoga for children, new and expectant mothers, gentle yoga, and much more. The studio teaches all levels of yoga and offers one week of free classes for beginners, meaning you have no excuse not to check 'em out.
Yoga Works, 459 Broadway (at Grand Street); 212-965-0801. (multiple locations)
Virayoga focuses mainly on the practice of Anusara yoga, which explores alignment, meditation, the flow of energy in your body, and the attitude in your heart. This spiritual practice offers a variety of classes for all skill levels throughout the day, as well as a variety of workshops to deepen your understanding.
Virayoga, 580 Broadway (between Prince and Houston Streets), Suite 205; 212-334-9960.
Kula Yoga Project
This yoga studio offers a wide array of classes which explore the many different kinds of yoga and ensure that all yogis have a way to grow, strengthen, and explore the practice, no matter what their skill level. Want even more? Check out Kula Yoga Project's awesome workshops, where you'll get to stretching in some of the world's most beautiful locales.
Kula Yoga Project, 28 Warren Street (between Broadway and Church Street); 212-945-4460.
Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center
In case you want to put a little extra get-down in your downward dog, check out the Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center in Prospect Heights to blend the enlightenment of yoga with the joy of dance.
Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center, 367 Saint Marks Avenue (at Grand Avenue), Brooklyn; 718-622-9956.
Park Slope Yoga Center
This Brooklyn center has got it all — yoga, pilates, zumba. Blend it together during your week to get in shape and keep you centered.
Park Slope Yoga Center, 792 Union Street (between 6th and 7th avenues), Brooklyn; 718-789-2288.
Jaya Yoga Center
In addition to a regular schedule of classes, Jaya also offers a variety of workshops to explore, enhance, and improve your yoga practice. Some examples include a beginner's series, sanskrit studies, understanding yoga and the internal body, as well as child-friendly courses.
Jaya Yoga Center, 1626 8th Avenue (at Windsor Place), Brooklyn; 718-788-8788. (multiple locations)
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