Forget Your Holiday Party With This Boozy Sangria Recipe

Okay, so maybe you can’t make the perfect roast chicken, but you have other skills you can be proud of. For instance, we bet you can concoct at least one killer cocktail, no? And drinks are what the make the party, anyway. So, here’s a special liquid recipe that's guaranteed to make you look good. From the fine people at Mercadito comes a sangria with a Mexican twist dubbed Pepino el Pyu. Think tequila, lemon juice, cucumber juice, and hoja santa syrup. Fiesta in a cup, don’t you think?
Pepino El Pyu
Yields 1 drink
Hoja Santa Syrup
Yields 2 ½ cups
4 tbsps hoja santa, dried
2 ½ cups cold water
2 ½ cups white sugar
1. In medium pot, place sugar and water and bring to boil
2. Add the dried hoja santa and let boil for one more minute
3. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for about 20 minutes
4. Remove from heat and cool, strain through a very fine strainer and refrigerate
Cumin Salt
½ cup coarse salt
½ cup ground cumin
1. In a bowl mix both ingredients until well distributed.
*This mixture can be stored for a period of six months in a cool, dry place.
2 fl oz tequila blanco
¾ fl oz lemon juice
1 fl oz cucumber juice
1 fl oz hoja santa syrup (recipe follows)
1. Add all ingredients to glass
2. Shake over ice
3. Decorate rim with cumin salt
Photo: Courtesy of Mercadito.

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