I Love My...Red Lipstick

Anya Strzemien is the editor-in-chief of HuffPost Style, Stylelist, and Stylelist Home. She tweets here and loves bourbon, chicken fingers and dance parties.
"Slowly but surely, red lipstick has taken over my life. I now buy clothes for it. I build outfits around it. I select colors that will look good with it. I require pockets in which I can carry it. I apply it at my desk without a mirror and I can now even apply it while walking. I really love my red lipstick.
"My love for lipstick was probably passed down from my mother, who rightly wonders why a woman would apply Chapstick when she could apply lipstick. But I didn't wear red until I met the right shade a couple years ago — "It Girl" by Sephora. It's got a lot of orange-y pop, and it's not really an exaggeration to say that putting it on in the morning makes my day.
"I'll admit that I'm kind of evangelical about red lipstick. In a somewhat extreme act, I recently held down my red-haired-yet-red-lipstick-resistant friend Bethany and applied it to her mouth. But when I was done, even she had to admit she looked great.
"When you wear red lipstick, it transforms an outfit. It's like the best kind of jewelry (which I love, too).
"And in case I don't sound crazy yet, I occasionally panic that a color with as ephemeral a name as "It Girl" will be discontinued, so I go to Sephora and buy a few more tubes. At this point I have stockpiled enough to last me for the next 27 years. Like I said, I really love my red lipstick."

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