Morning Java: The Karl Face Bag, Michelle Likes it Fast, and Slimming Down for Publishing

amlinks1002Bet you didn't know Karl Lagerfeld had such nice legs, did ya? (Fabsugar)
Agyness Deyn gets bronchitis sending fashion world into downward spiral from which it may never recover. (Fashionologie)
The mansion where Gianni Versace was shot to death is now a restaurant. Such is the way of things. (NYPost)
Get your wooden stakes out, Bungalow 8 ain't dead yet. (Observer)
Sure, her husband may be the environmental candidate, but Michelle Obama is a fast-fashion woman. (BlackBook)
You don't have to be thin to work in this industry. You just have to be really, really skinny. (Jezebel)
Shoe shopping with Ohne Titel (Paper)

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