15 Sequin Dresses That Will Be The Life Of Every Party

There's something about December (okay, and January, and maybe even February) that makes everyone want to pump up their wardrobe's glam-quotient. This means sequined dresses and sparkly accessories abound. But remember, the tinsel belongs on the trees and nothing super-glitzy looks all that great when it's too short or skin tight (yes, even if it is December 31). With that in mind, we scoured the city for the best high-impact glittery numbers that won't leave you looking like you're about to get in a fight on some reality TV show reunion special. And as the Countess would say, "money can't buy you class," …or classy sequins for that matter. Even the most expensive sparkly frocks run the risk of looking cheap, so when you find one that works, the best thing to do is just go for it!
Click through for 15 sequin dress options that bring the "wow" in all right right ways.

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