Awkward Dude 'Do Throwback: The Hitler Youth Haircut

Men's style has gotten a whole lot more tailored in the past few years, and we're all the more grateful for it (bye bye, cargo shorts!). This includes dude grooming, with guys looking past the crewcut for alternative handsome, polished hairstyles.
However, one trend in NY has a few pulling at their collars, if only for its name: The Hitler Youth. It's buzzed on the sides, floppily long on top, and slicked back or to the side — a popular style outside of Nazi Germany, to be sure, but a clear trademark of the Nazi aesthetic. The New York Times reports that in Europe, the haircut is known as "the undercut" (Germany) or "the synth" (Sweden), both terms which we encourage the male hipster denizens of the States to adopt instead of that other one. Yikes. (NYT)
Photo: Via NYT

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