Style Syllabus: Kill The Midterm Blues With Accessories Under $50

Though we know come finals week, we'll be looking back on these days with rose-colored glasses, the combination of midterms and the brutal onset of cold weather is enough to seriously bring a girl down. And for most of us, it's not like there's a big ol' paycheck around the corner to put toward a spirit-brightening shopping spree. It's no use crying yourself to sleep every night over the Karen Walker dresses you can't afford, but there's still a way to use retail therapy for some productive procrastination. Behold — the best accessories the world over, all under $50! Your mood's not the only thing that will benefit from the purchase of something shiny, either. If you're starting to feel like you're putting the same old jeans and T-shirts through heavy rotation, these babies are almost as good as a whole new wardrobe. So go crazy, cause you deserve it!

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