4 Creepy Cocktails To Pregame With This Halloweekend (Or Always)

For some, Halloween is a time to get all sugared up and scare the neighbors. For others, it's an excuse to dress like a bleeeep and get your dance on next to some astronaut. Either way, you should probably have a little drink to take the edge off. And, since we already told you where to get freaky this weekend, it's now time to fill you in on how to get ready for the night's soirées. So, if you want to start at home a bit early... or like, now, get in the holiday "spirit" (sorry, we had to) with one of these sophisticated cocktail options from four creative mixologists. With pear vodka, several rums, and a "bloody cosmo" that requires very little effort, we're guessing this cocktail menu will hang around long after the 31st. For tonight though, just remember to apply your face paint, glitter, and dark lip after you've finished sipping— no need looking like it's the end of the night before it's even begun.
Photos: Courtesy of LFB Media Group

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