Halloweekend: Your Complete NYC Party Guide

As much as we heart Halloween, (and you know we really do), even we can't pretend that this weekend doesn't have the potential to end up a face-painted, bedazzled, cape-wearing clusterf*ck if you end up drinking from a Solo cup in your neighbor's kitchen. But we don't want you to end up a crying cowgirl, a distraught Disney princess, or a party-less Amanda Knox (you clever, clever thing), so we've rounded up some of the top monster mashes this city's got to offer. Whether you want to bloody it up like a zombie or sip refined pumpkin cocktails, Halloween's the time to really, really let go—think of this list as your permission slip. Swing by one event or schedule a spooky four-night agenda, cuz we're bringing you where to be seen from Friday to Monday in that (tell me that's not actually underwear) costume you've been planning. And, fair, it will take a lot of energy and cab-hailing patience to navigate the streets, but at least after Monday you've got some time to rest...until New Year's Eve.

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