The Luxest Accessories Ever: What NYC's Most Major Stylists Want For Fall!

If fall fashion had an acid tab, this would be it. Get ready to hallucinate, trip, and very likely lose your mind over today's slideshow. And if you're an accessories addict, game over! Yep, yep, we tapped New York's most influential stylists to give us the ultimate crib-sheet of fall's most splurge-worthy shoes, bags, hats—basically all the accoutrements we've been discussing over the water cooler in the past weeks. You better believe we've brought out the big guns on this one guys; we're talking Kemal & Karla, Annabel Tollman, Kate Young, June Ambrose, Mary Alice Stephenson...and if these insiders don't know what's up this season, no one does. Okay, their want-list isn't exactly recession-proof, but sometimes it's alright to experiment. The side effects, however, might not be so pretty.

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