This Is Where You've Seen The Prince In A Christmas Prince Before

Photo: Courtesy Netflix.
If you've been dosing yourself with the escapist mind-number du jour, A Christmas Prince, there might be one thing that's bugging you about it — you know, other than the fact that the Aldovian royal family has the most trusting security in the 21st century. Where in the heck do you know Prince Richard from?
This may be the biggest role yet for British actor Ben Lamb, but it's certainly not his first. It's not even his first royal gig, since he played Anthony Rivers (a.k.a. Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers) on the Starz miniseries The White Queen. You can watch author Philippa Gregory and Lamb gush about his character here. Since that aired right before Outlander made everyone subscribe to Starz, you may have missed him there.
Perhaps you're remembering Lamb from his role as evil businessman Owen Case in last year's Now You See Me 2. It's hard to remember him in such a star-studded cast (Daniel Radcliffe, Dave Franco, etc.), so maybe he's been simply hanging out in your subconscious until now.
Of course, you could have been impressed by his brief turn in Divergent as Edward, the once high-scoring Dauntless initiate who gets stabbed in the eye with a butter knife. Or, well, you would have remembered him from that gruesome event, but director Neil Burger decided to cut it because it messed with the movie's flow. Still, you can enjoy that deleted scene on its own now, which may be a good idea for those of you who hate-watched A Christmas Prince rather than enjoyed it like a warm cup of hot cocoa.
Now, if you're sitting there wondering where you've seen Rose McIver, who plays Amber, before, you are an unfortunate soul who knows not the pleasures of iZombie.

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