Nick Viall Just Landed His First Acting Gig: Playing A B-List Actor

Photo: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images Portrait.
Nick Viall is returning to ABC — and it has nothing to do with the Bachelor franchise.
People reported Monday that Viall will appear in the second season of Speechless, ABC's sitcom about a boy with cerebral palsy and his family.
"Nick will plan a hunky B-movie actor who takes his craft way too seriously," ABC said in a statement published by People. "After befriending JJ (Micah Fowler) on a set, 'Tyson' summons all his powers for the performance of a lifetime, deceiving Maya [Minnie Driver, an Academy Award nominee] and Jimmy to get JJ out of hot water."
Speechless probably wasn't anyone's first guess when thinking about where the former Bachelor might pop up next, but that description sounds like something Viall could totally pull off. And the plot itself sounds like classic sitcom fare, but I can't get over the fact that Viall's character will apparently be named Tyson.
According to People, the Speechless episode that Viall will be featured in will shoot next week, and it will air at the end of November. Until then, the show's second season has already started airing on ABC, so there's plenty of time to guess how Tyson could fit into the season's story arcs.
Speechless isn't Viall's only post-Bachelor TV appearance, though. He also competed on Dancing with the Stars. Still, it will be fascinating to see Viall on a program that's not a reality show. Could he eventually channel his character and become a "hunky B-movie actor" himself? As we reported in July, Viall had been taking acting classes before he joined Bachelor Nation, and signed up for more afterwards, with an eye on getting into comedy.
Acting professionally alongside an Oscar nominee is an impressive pivot, and it definitely beats doing sponsored content on Instagram, as so many members of Bachelor Nation have done.

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