I'm A Powerlifter & I Love My Loose Skin

Kelsey Wiggins is a powerlifter, but her body might not exactly fit the typical image of what a powerlifter looks like. Even though she's extremely fit, she still has loose skin around her abdomen — because she has given birth twice.
It took accepting her body for what it is for Wiggins to feel successful with her fitness routine, she wrote in a recent Instagram post.
"The moment I started loving my body for what it can do over how it looks is when I really started being successful in fitness," she wrote. "I have created life twice, held hundreds of lbs in my hands at a time and run thousands of miles. To everyone discouraged by loose skin: I promise you, it has never kept me from accomplishing ANYTHING."
This isn't the first time Wiggins has posted about loving her body for what it has done and can do now. She posted a set of side-by-side photos in April, one of her pregnant belly and another of herself in workout clothes.
"My body, this body:
Birthed giant, wonderful babies,
Can lift hundreds of lbs,
Ran a sub 2hr half marathon,
Loves tacos ?,
Is amazing," she wrote.
We're not the only ones who agree that Wiggins's body is amazing — just like everyone else's body. Commenters on Wiggins's posts have nothing but positive things to say, as they should.
"Love hearing other women treat fitness as being the best athlete they can be and not solely on what their body looks like," one commenter wrote.
Wiggins's proclamation that she was only able to really thrive in powerlifting when she let go of concerns over what her body looks like hit home with other women.
"Girl YES," one woman wrote. "I'm right there with you with some loose skin! You are inspiring."
Wiggins is happy to have the ability to inspire other women to own their bodies.
"I am so happy to be blessed with the opportunity to show women that it's okay to love and challenge themselves a little more," Wiggins told Refinery29. "Comparing bodies makes us weaker as women. We are stronger together!"
It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach here.
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