The Totally-Weird, Mystical Meanings Behind The Colors You're Wearing

Here’s the totally-weird, mystical meanings.

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There's no denying that some of our favorite women wear color — and wear it well. Think of acclaimed writer Zadie Smith, who's often seen in mauve, crimson, and aqua turbans, or former First Lady Michelle Obama who relied heavily on a colorful mismatched prints during her time in the White House. Even musician Solange Knowles rarely finds a yellow or pink she doesn't like.
The same way a high-slit skirt or an oversized top can reflect your mood — just think how you feel when leaving the house in an outfit you love, versus, say, in worn-out sweats — a bold hue or combination of tones has the ability to capture who you really are. And while it may seem totally out-there, it goes even deeper than that: “Color naturally reflects your personality and can relay a message,” says mystic and astrologer Angel Eyedealism. So whether you've purposely chosen a certain shade or your selection is completely subconscious, your clothes are actually saying a mouthful. And what exactly they're saying depends on your mood, your energy, or even your sign (just run with us on this one).
Below, Eyedealism walks us through this season’s most dynamic colors, providing us with not just the mystical meanings behind each one, but also an eye-opening reminder that there's no such thing as coincidence — even when it comes to what you wear.
Red & Green: According to Eyedealism, “red and green are complimentary colors. Red is tied to the material plane, but green connects someone to the heart chakra. I would say that if someone enjoys red and green, they’re looking for love with their feet on the ground; they’re projecting that they want a solid, committed relationship.”
Blue: “Wearing blue is about clear communication, because it reveals the throat chakra,” says Eyedealism. Aquarii are also associated with the moody color, which is meant to reflect intellectualism and deep thoughts.
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Black & White: “Black is for protection and white conveys purity,” says Eyedealism. Aries will be particularly fond of this combination for it’s race car driver-feel.
Red: “When red is visible in your root chakra or your foundation, you are tuning into your materialism plane or basic human survival,” she says. “It’s a power color used to project self-assuredness and confidence.” If you happen to be a Leo wearing red, you might be using red to hide your insecurities, while a Scorpio would likely use the color to mask secrets.
Yellow: "If you want to impose strength or will, wear yellow," she says. "It's not for the faint of heart."
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Purple: “Purple is about the third eye chakra, which is about pondering and wandering. You want to know and be open to everything in the universe." This color is especially sought after by Leos and Sagittariuses.
Orange: Though orange is an often-ignored color for its hard-to-wear properties, Eyedealism says it should be used to express “creativity and sexuality. It is certainly a positive color.”
Red & White: "The dichotomy between purity and basic carnal desires is indicated with the juxtaposition of wearing red and white," she says. "You're maintaining your moral or spiritual principals, whilst in pursuit of material and sexual fulfillment."

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