This Instagrammer Parodying Beauty Vloggers Will Be Your New Favorite Thing

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Around 2013, something happened on Instagram. Let’s call it the Beauty Blender effect. That magical egg-shaped tool that began to sprout up on makeup blogs and vlogs then trickled into tutorials on user’s Instagram accounts. This was also around the time the once photo-only platform rolled out video.
Nothing was the same. In fact, one glance and we can see just how serious (and ridiculous) things have gotten.
That said, Caroline Solomon, a former beauty staffer at Glamour, found a way to lighten things up. Her account, lowcheekbones, parodies the various types of beauty videos that have become commonplace on the app.
According to TeenVogue, Solomon grew weary of the seemingly useless products and tips many of us have been exposed to. As for the video that triggered her satirical side? A razor extender.
“From there, it opened up this Pandora’s Box of ridiculous makeup tutorials that I wanted to explore. There’s an explosion of ridiculous content on the web. I wanted to parody that,” she said.

Shaving 2.0.

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Since then we’ve seen her apply the perfect chunky brows in sandstorms, and wear guacamole like a champ. We’ve received tutorials on how to look like a Stan Smith Adidas shoe and a pair of Crocs.

Blinged out Stan Smith Makeup Tutorial 👟💎🍏🎃 #sneakerhead #stahnsmiths @adidas

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While it’s all in good fun, Solomon’s wit often hits home as she mocks the many things we loathe about Instagram and corporate culture.
“The impulse to satirize makeup hacks and tutorials definitely started at Glamour, as a response to how seriously everyone takes makeup," she said to Creators Project back in March.
"I was feeling uninspired by the beauty content I was producing (there are only so many ways to spin a 'no makeup makeup look'), and at the same time, there were so many ridiculous aspects of beauty that no one was shedding light on. When I started making these videos, I very quickly became hooked and wanted to create something that was like the weird counterpoint to a women's magazine."

Test driving the rainbow hair trend! 💇🏻🌈 #beautyhackoftheday! #hairboseries #licktherainbow🎤

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