What Happens When You Get Threats Online—& Make Them Public

Anyone who's ever spent some time swiping left and right knows that it's easy to get lost in a sea of profiles that look exactly the same. So, in an effort to weed out the people who she definitely didn't want to talk to — and who really shouldn't have wanted to talk to her — Bianca Lentini set up a very clear set of "rules" for anyone looking at her Tinder profile, Bust reports.
"Swipe left if:
You open with "hey," "you're beautiful," or a gif.
You've never protested
All lives matter/Blue lives matter
You support Trump&co
Young Metro don't trust you," she wrote on her profile.
People often post guidelines like this in an effort to not waste time on matches who clearly won't work out, but the men Bianca encountered often took her rules as a reason to say something inappropriate. She's gotten death threats, rape threats, and other forms of harassment.
Fed up with guys who broke her rules, Lentini created an Instagram account, @whydidyouswiperighttho, to post screenshots of the conversations.
Some of the posts simply show guys who broke the first rule and sent Lentini a "hey" or "you're beautiful." But some of the posts show sexual harassment that women face all the time, both on dating websites and in real life.

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Lentini responds to these guys, and tells them exactly why what they said is inappropriate.
It's unclear whether it was mostly the men she called out for sexist or harassing comments, but Lentini's Tinder profile was eventually reported so many times that Tinder banned her account.
"Her previous account was banned for violating our terms of service," according to a statement Tinder shared with Refinery29. "Her current account is active. The users she reported were investigated by our community team and were either banned or received warnings as a result."
Taking and sharing screenshots of her conversations, which goes against Tinder's terms of service, is part of the reason Lentini's account was banned. But she also engaged in other behaviors Tinder often bans accounts over — such as soliciting money.

Here I am soliciting money @tinder #tinder #boycotttinder

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But the reality is, this could have happened on just about any dating app. Women don't just experience harassment on Tinder, and many apps have rules against publicly posting private conversations.
Tinder representatives have either banned or given warnings to the men she reported, according to the statement Tinder shared with Refinery29, and Lentini has been allowed to set up another account.

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