What This Canadian Couple Did For A Syrian Family Will Restore Your Faith In 2016

If you think 2016 has just been the worst, please let this Canadian couple restore your faith in humanity.

When the Eshadi family arrived in the Canadian city of Peterborough last May, they were among the many Syrian refugees who had made a difficult journey to escape the war. But to their surprise, Joe and Tanna Edwards, the local couple who volunteered to take them in, made sure they felt welcome in their new home.

Over the past year, the couple has been kind enough to offer the Eshadi family their time, and to provide them with financial assistance. They've even treated them as if they are their own flesh and blood.

"I think of them like I think of my own step-kids and my grandchildren," Tanna said in a video published by NowThis. "So we treat them like we would treat our own."

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
, the Eshadi family are part of the 31,000 Syrians who have been resettled in Canada during 2016.

Like the Edwards’, many Canadians have volunteered to help Syrian families who have resettled in the country and are sponsored by a government program.

"Tanna and Joe, they care for us like a mother and a father," said Husam Eshadi.

He added, "There was nothing left in Syria when we left, just broken hearts. Here, I feel people care for each other."

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