The 12 Spookiest Places In The U.S. & Their Equally Spooky Ghosts

Photo: Barry Winiker/ Getty Images.
Just about every city and small town in the U.S. has a haunting to call its own. There are even haunted houses you can rent for a very spooky weekend trip. Of course, not all spooky places are created equal. For every former-sanatorium-turned-exploitative-tourist-trap, there's a lesser-known historical home with a majorly creepy backstory.
With that in mind, we set out to find places in America with stories that match their scary reputation — and then some. These spots and their haunting pasts did not disappoint. From wine-stealing colonial ghosts to a hurricane-predicting spirit, these stories are best read on a dark and stormy night (hopefully with friends or a teddy bear nearby).
Click through to discover 12 of the nation's greatest ghost stories. Happy Halloween!
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