New Alarm Clocks Makes Sleeping In A Nightmare

Keeping your New Year's resolution not to sleep in just got easier — or perhaps, sleeping in just got more difficult. It's annoying to hear the blaring sound of a phone's alarm in the morning, but hitting snooze from inside the warm comfort of the bed offers up a few more minutes of rest. Ruggie, dubbed "the world's best alarm clock," aims to change everything about how you react to your morning alarm.
Ruggie, which is being funded on Kickstarter, forces users to actually get out of bed and step on it to turn it off. You'll be rewarded with some motivational music or words to keep you from jumping back into the warm comforts of your cozy bed.
The alarm clock also has some other cool features. It's outfitted with cushy memory foam, so stepping on it in the middle of the night won't be met with a jolt of cold. Users can even choose between several calming alarm sounds, so jarring beeps become a thing of the past.
The alarm clock's creators even claim it has benefits like giving users more productivity time and slowing down the morning rush. As of January 9, Ruggie's creators have raised $52,595 to bring the product to life.

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