A High-Tech Mirror That Lets You Design & Wear A Shirt, Immediately

Photo: Via myDesignLab/Vimeo.
We've all encountered horribly unflattering mirrors (basically, every fitting room, ever) as well as those magically gratifying mirrors in which everything you try on looks awesome. But this might be the most magical reflective surface yet. Mirror Mirror, a project whipped up by the MyDesignLab at the Industrial Design KAIST school in Daejeon, South Korea, is a machine that lets you create and immediately produce a design on a T-shirt or tank top.
Users can tinker with a number of of existing designs that come with Mirror Mirror, including a banana motif and some colorful, Mod-ish patterns. Designs can be overlapped, a pattern's density and scale can be manipulated, and to really customize things, you can "draw" on your soon-to-be shirt using Mirror Mirror's infrared wand tool. So, how does it work? The mirror has a depth sensor to track your body movements; a projector then "paints" pixels onto the user, according to Fast Company. No word yet on when Mirror Mirror will be available to the masses, but as far as personalized garb goes, this whimsical invention looks like a lot of fun to mess around with.
Photo: Via myDesignLab/Vimeo.

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