These Introvert Emojis Are Perfect For When You Need Some Time Alone

After a long day at work, it's hard to rustle up the energy to
even text complete sentences. That goes double for an introvert who needs to
recharge at home, preferably in a blanket burrito, rather than the
social engagements that sounded fun, like, a week ago when you RSVP'd on

Designer Rebecca Lynch knows just how you feel, which is why she created Introji: emoticons for introverts. Sure, you
could send the pal you're bailing on five poop emojis followed by a whole host of
knives and a frowny face, but that doesn't really express the complicated feeling that going to a loud place seems particularly overwhelming at the moment, even though you dearly love your friend and would like to see them some other time. On the other (texting) hand, the "out of power" Introji will get your
message across with a fraction of the finger power and a whole lot more heart. 

It's cool to draw boundaries and let your loved ones know when you need some me time, and it's a relief that it's finally becoming more socially acceptable to be honest about when you just cannot deal with other humans. If you need us, we'll be in a pillow fort reading a good book and waiting for an official Introji app. [The Guardian]

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