Uber Is Officially Cheaper Than An NYC Cab

embeddedPhotographed by Ruby Yeh.
Thanks to a new 20% price drop, uberX fares are now cheaper than your average New York City taxi. If you've ever declined an invitation to a party in a different borough because A) you didn't want to spend hours on the train there and back; B) didn't want to splurge on a cab; C) it's too hard to hail said cab when you live out in Brooklyn, your excuses are about to become very lame, indeed.
To give you an idea of how this price change might affect you, a ride in uberX from Williamsburg to the East Village is now $15 instead of $19, compared to a $16 cab ride. Grand Central to the Financial District is $22, previously $28 in uberX and $24 in an NYC taxi. Given the way Uber operates, the price drop may only be temporary. And, let's not forget about that peak-time pricing situation. In the meantime, enjoy a touch of luxury in your Ramen-for-dinner life.