Hand-Lifts — Taking Your Engagement Ring Selfie To A Very Scary New Level

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The engagement ring selfie is one of those Instagram photos that we love to hate (along with food porn and the endless flood of new baby snaps). But, have you ever looked at one of these pictures and thought the betrothed person's hands were looking a little, well, old? If so, allow us to introduce one Dr. Ariel Ostad, creator of the "hand-lift," a facelift for your paws to make them look more youthful in your engagement snaps. According to The Gloss, the procedure will last 9 months and only cost you $1,200. That's right kids — people are now resorting to plastic surgery to achieve the ultimate engagement ring selfie.
Look, we've all heard the story about the woman who knows her engagement is coming, so she has a standing appointment at the nail salon in order to keep her digits photo-ready. And, truth be told, while that may seem slightly neurotic, it's fairly harmless. But, to actually take that a step further, drop $1,200, and go under the knife in order to make your hands appear more "youthful"? We're starting to get into dark territory here.
Listen, if the way your hands look bugs you that much and you have the cash and access to undergo this treatment, then more power to you. We don't think anyone needs plastic surgery, but we also don't think it's anyone else's place to judge you for doing it. You have to do what feels right to you — no judgment there. But, undergoing a temporary procedure like this in anticipation of your S.O. popping the question, for the sole reason of wanting people to admire your newly blinged-out fingers? That seems kind of like you might be focusing on the wrong thing in this situation.
Aside from the fact that no one is even paying attention to your hands in your ring shot on Instagram, this speaks to a much larger issue — we've become so obsessed with the way we're portrayed on social media that we feel we always need to be "on" with the way we look. And, while some of the primping we do may seem harmless (like leaving lipstick around to apply whenever we're feelin' a selfie), plastic surgery? On your hands? What's next — toe surgery for those impromptu shoefies? Why must we continue to feel like we need to "fix" everything about ourselves in order to be accepted?
But, perhaps the thing that we take most issue with when it comes to this trend is the timing. Your engagement is supposed to be this blissfully happy time. Because, against the odds, you found the one human who jives with you, and you both want to link yourselves together forever. That should be your main focus when that ring gets slipped on your finger — not what your fingers are looking like to all your Instagram followers. Engagement ring photos will always be an Instagram mainstay, but it's important to be in the actual moment of these moments.

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