Hottie Alert! 29 + Of NYC's Most Eligible Bachelors

Sure, OkCupid has tons of unattached hipster dudes.'s got some clean-cut bankers. Hang out by the bar at the Jane past 3 a.m. and get sucker-punched with a one-night stand and a mother of a hangover. But really, we know you have a life—you don't have time to zoom in on hundreds of male Monets to find your boo (or sneak past tequila goggle's roommates on that IKEA couch watching Wipeout)—not that we know from experience, or anything. So, buy us a skinny margarita, because we did the work for you, sifting through some self-nominations, tips from friends, and secret crushes to amass a list of eligible bachelors that are worth a second date. And, because this is R29, our cheat-sheet's filled with creative types—from artists to designers—that aren't exactly hanging out at Brother Jimmy's. Start your Facebook creeping now.
Click here to see who made our list and peep 29 (and more) of NYC's most eligible bachelors.

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