A '40s Bob That's Anything But Old-Fashioned!

Name: Sabine Eckle
Occupation: Writer
Age: 32
Hometown: Los Angeles/Islamabad/Hong Kong
Favorite childhood hairdo: "Princess Leia plus multicoloured ribbons."
Secret styling weapon: "Robert at Devachan on Broadway. He's a gem."
What do you love most about your hair?: "I can scrape it back without using pins—it just stays."
What drives you nuts?: "That people are always trying to touch it. Easy folks! I am not a sheep."
Dream 'do?: "I don't dream about my hair; there is so much more to dream about."
What's a hair move you've always been curious about but have been afraid to try?: "Two years ago I went from a lifetime of super super long to chin-length, so there's nothing left to fear but fear itself."
If your hair had a horoscope, what would it be?: "Chinese zodiac–Year of the Horse."

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