Teen-Approved Hair Accessories That’ll Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

As a number of our readers are in high school themselves (hi, guys!), we asked high-schooler Emma, blogger at The Emma Edition and a connoisseur of all things teenager-y, to educate us on fashion as relevant to high-schoolers and beyond.
I'd take a plastic unicorn necklace over a Tiffany's one any day. The same goes with trendy hair accessories. If only I had all the barrettes my mom had me wear when I was toddler, because for me, little-kid style represents the ultimate in lackadaisical dressing. When else are you ever going to wear cats in your hair? So, in keeping with these sentiments, I went on a hunt for hair accessories that were super-fun and a little bit silly. Read on and you might just feel like a kid again, too.
Topshop Hessian Flower Headband, $25, available at Topshop.

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