Girl Power

Tracking down the cyber It chicks of tomorrow. By Kelley Hoffman
Technology will always influence fashion, and new style inspirations are rising faster than ever from the internet in the form of street style sites, blogs, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube—the list goes on. Seeing new looks without a stylist's touch, and free from the politics of most fashion editorials is just plain pure and relatable. Here, we've tracked down a few girls we've spotted online to find out the story behind their magnetic style.
Yenna Christensen, 25
Photographs by Andrea Longacre White (left) and Kathy Lo (right)
Since graduating from Hampshire College, 25-year-old Yenna Christensen has appeared in New York magazine, Japanese Nylon, Vice, and COACD, and worked at Rivington Arms, Opening Ceremony, and now manages the New York office of Purple magazine. In terms of designers, the Connecticut native is a fan of Rick Owens, Givenchy, and United Bamboo, but she's also inspired by bands like the Wipers, Liquid Liquid, and White Magic, and shares her own transcendental musical perspective in downtown Manhattan. "I live in a Buddhist temple in Chinatown, " she says. "They sectioned off a part of the building to be used as apartments, so my background noise is chanting—it's calming to wake up to."
Emma Andersson, 22
Photographs by Style Slicker (left) and Face Hunter (right)
With her striking white-blonde eyebrows, 22-year-old Emma Andersson has caught the attention of nearly every street style photographer in London—not half bad for a student from a small Swedish village. While she's a huge fan of Giles Deacon, she thinks her fellow students are the most savvy. "Even if they're spending 80% of their student loan for booze and cigarettes, they still can come up with amazing outfits that often, at a second stage, even inspire the world's designers for their upcoming collection," she says. "Just that they're ten times more expensive than, and already are last season for the students that once invented it."
Sunny Shokrae, 24
Photograph by Verity Smith (middle)
Sunny Shokrae has been photographed for her style by the Fader, Paper, and Bust, but her own photos at her collaborative blog Mashroob and Moustaches ( document an idealized sense of youthful ruckus and charm from her travels with friends. The 24-year-old Iranian-born, California-raised, and now New York resident looks as far as Hussein Chalayan and as nearby as her friends for inspiration. "My personal style is made up of supporting the people I know who are out there designing, my friends' labels [Anzevino & Florence, Rojas, Battalion, Foreign Cinema]," she says. "I'm usually always wearing a piece from someone I know personally. And I always start my day with a pillow feather in my hair that a girlfriend of mine always notices before I do, and picks it out for me."
Tracking down the cyber It chicks of tomorrow.

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