The Best Places To Dance In NYC—DJ Approved!

Any DJ looking to make it in the Big Apple should get ready to sweat (and not necessarily in the good way)—you're going to be faced with one of the pickiest music crowds in the country. Seriously, we New Yorkers are as choosy with our club tracks as we are with our night-out ensembles, meaning that when it comes to a much-needed night out, we better feel as smoking hot as we know we look. With boîtes and discos springing up faster than food trucks, we turned to NYC party and PR boy Matt Kays. This fashion-forward (read changing hair color and fluorescent plaid shirts) DJ, who gets how to make us move, gave us his cheat-sheet on the best places in NYC to go out and dance, dance 'til we're dead. And better now than never: Kays says he can't remember "the last time I was this excited for a summer nightlife scene," thanks to "daily releases from some of the most danceable acts in music," —think Britney, Nicki, Gaga, and J. Lo, and, on the indie tip, Foster the People, The Kills, Gang Gang Dance, and The Strokes. Lucky for your summer body, Kays took his fingers off the turntables for a hot second to give us his choice spots to boogie-down this summer in the city. TGIF!
Click here to see the Matt Kays' favorite spots to get your dance on!

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