NYC Daycations That Are Less Than 2 Hours Away

We all love NYC, we're not arguing that point. But let's be honest—sometimes you just need to get the eff away from the urban jungle. Whether it be straight-up exhaustion, a desire to see something new, or a yearning for the simple life, we've all got to escape. We get that an Eat, Pray, Love adventure isn't always in the cards, so we have some ideas that won't eat up your vacation days or your dollar bills. Lucky for all of us, there are some seriously stellar one-day vacay destinations within our midst that offer rejuvenation, cultural stimulation, fresh eats, shopping—need we go on? All under 2 hours away, here's our list of the best day trips around NYC that will delight even the most die-hard New Yorker.
Click through for some of our favorite day-trips around the Big Apple.

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