5 Ways To Wear Belts With Dresses

One of the most effective ways to gussy up a dress is to belt it—but by the same token, it's also one of the most effective ways to ruin a dress. The belted dress has become a mainstream styling trick, but if we only had a nickel for every time we've seen it done wrong, we'd be on the cover of Forbes Magazine. Commit these rules to memory: Never belt an empire dress (or any dress that draws attention to your bust, for that matter), there are few reasons to ever belt a dress anywhere other than your natural waistline, and you should never buy a dress that comes with a pre-installed belt. Besides those no-nos, belted dresses are ultra-complimentary, is a smart way to add a layer of texture, and updates out-of-style frocks. Click through for five of our favorite ways to wear belts with dresses.

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