Quickie Style Chat With Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino is a woman to love. This Eagle Rock resident is responsible for the dreamy '60s girl group-meets-surf pop sound of Best Coast (catch Crazy For You, their debut album, which was released a few weeks ago), and, naturally, her personal style is totally crush-worthy, too. Though we could pick her brain about her cat's twitter, her love of Snooki and Drake, and her favorite venue in town (it's The Smell), we got right to the point and asked this fashionable front-woman to dish her sartorial obsession with Angela Chase and her hidden shopping haunts.
Four questions for Best Coast's Bethany:
So many Los Angelenos are in love with your sense of style. Can you share some of your secret spots to shop?
"I like Sun Thrift in Sunland and Squaresville in Los Feliz. The mall by my house has some really cool stores that sell really cheap tank tops and skirts and dresses and stuff, it's all like cheaper versions of Forever 21 stuff, but hey man, it's cheap and you can never have too many black tops to take on tour with you!"
Who are your style icons or the people that inspire you when you get dressed?
"I'm obsessed with '80s Valley Girl style, and also '90s grunge stuff like Courtney Love and Angela Chase from "My So-Called Life." I also wish I could dress like Salt-n-Pepa did in the '90s. I think I just really wear whatever is comfortable, and I try to keep in mind the things that inspire me. Like I'll mix a floral print skirt with a tube top and gold earrings. That's like Angela Chase in the '80s at a Salt-n-Pepa concert, sorta."
Do you ever feel the impulse to dress up on stage, or is it just an extension of what you wear everyday?
"I just wear whatever onstage. I don't really feel like I need to dress up or put on some kind of outfit I wouldn't wear in real life. I mean obviously, I am totally myself on stage, too. I act awkward, I make bad jokes, I yell at people sometimes--that's totally how I am in real life, so if I'm just wearing some vintage Garfield shirt and a black skirt, I'm being myself."
What are you listening to right now? Anything that we wouldn't expect to be ringing in your ears?
"I love Drake and Nicki Minaj and Big Boi a lot right now. I seriously only listen to rap when we're on tour and even at home. I mean, I love the stuff that inspires Best Coast-- like the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Ronettes--but life would get boring if I listened only to that. I love the Surfer Blood record, too, I picked that one up at Rough Trade in England, and it's so good. They're rad dudes, and I love their music."
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