New York's 3 Best Psychics

Even if you think astrology et al is just a load of mumbo-jumbo, you might want to reconsider your astro-aversion when you peep our guide to NYC's best psychics. While we're not making any predictions, we think your future will look a little more certain with a consultation from our three top choices. Whether you're wondering if you're destined to be with David Beckham, or need to know if you should take that job offer, we've got an energy healer, a tarot card reader, and astrologists who can answer all your burning questions. So, don't knock it 'til you try it—maybe you shouldn't sign the lease on that apartment.
After careful consideration, some readers' opinions, and a prediction that really came true, here are the three best NYC psychics who made our shortlist.
1. Aleta St. James: Energy Healer—If stress and anxiety are giving you a major case of the blues, than Aleta St. James is your woman. A simple trip to Energy Transformations on the Upper West Side will plant you into the healing hands of this gorgeous and warm mother of twins...she just happens to be supermodel Carolyn Murphy's go-to gal, too. With 30 years of experience behind her, St. James has traveled the world and shared her powerful gift and knowledge through private seminars and hands-on sessions. Once you've set foot in the door of her soothing office—complete with a giant, white bed for you to relax on during the reading—it's hard not to feel overcome by a deep sense of spiritual rejuvenation that's truly hard to come by.
2. Sasha Graham: Tarot Card Reader—If you're a card shark, we suggest you blaze the tarot trail with Sasha Graham, an actress turned-tarot expert, who completed her studies with flying colors at the world-renowned Tarot School. Now, the new mom has devoted her life to empowering others to believe in the transformational power of the cards, and along the way she has acquired some stellar A-list clients—including the Park Avenue Hotel. With Graham, it only takes three simple steps, starting with a phone interview, a one-on-one card reading, and a follow-up guide that's filled with advice for the future. Skip Vegas, you won't lose any money with Graham.
2. The AstroTwins: Astrology Readers—We always flip straight to the back of the mags to the horoscopes, so it's no surprise that, for us, astrology equals awesomeness. Whether you share the same sign as us or not, you best listen up. The stars have totally aligned, bringing us in touch with identical twin sisters, Tali and Ophira Edut, who are better known in the psychic realm as the AstroTwins. We're psyched about this dashing duo of professional astrologers, who have been making spot-on predictions for over 15 years. With a column on, a TV segment on Lifetime, and regular stints on SIRIUS/XM Radio, this sister act is clearly doing something right, with a coaching method that is all their own. So, make it a threesome, because it's time to get in touch with your Zodiac.
Are you itching for an astrology reading? Well, we've scored a major deal with the famous AstroTwins and you do not want to miss out. Tali and Ophira have set up a special page for R29 users to sign up for readings at a special price of $197 (normally priced $250)! That's a sweet discount of over 20%—so hurry up and get your sign on by simply clicking here.

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