Here’s Where To Get The Sunset Projection Lamp That’s Gone Viral On Instagram

The internet is currently obsessed with sunset projection lamps, and it's not hard to work out why. We've all been holed up at home for weeks on end, most probably staring at the same four walls, so we can hardly be blamed for craving something new to look at.
Factor in the cold snap that the UK's just been through and the prospect of projecting a warm, balmy sunset onto our bedroom walls is just too tempting. After all, there's no guarantee we'll be able to travel internationally or even book a staycation any time soon.
As you'd expect, there are various sunset projection lamps on the market, with wildly varying price points. The fancy-looking Halo One comes in two projection colours – sunset red and deep blue – and promises to "bring into homes new metaphysical galaxies of colours in which to immerse oneself". But, it also has a pretty hefty price tag: €950 (£820).
At the more affordable end of the projection spectrum, the Midas Sunset Lamp is available for just under £36. It comes in three colours: sunset, rainbow and green. According to the sales blurb, "the Midas Sunset Lamp is inspired by Scandinavia's beautiful sunsets. Like scenes straight from a movie, this lamp will turn your home into a beautiful piece of art you'll love to lounge in".
In fairness, that does sound pretty great right now. There's also a selection of sunset projection lamps available on Etsy – where you can pick one up for £36 including free delivery – and on Amazon from around the £23 mark.
Just expect a knock on the door from your flatmate, who will definitely want to borrow yours within hours of its arrival.