"I Charge Him £10 For The Cleaning": Real Couples Explain Their Finances

photographed by Kieran Boswell.
Managing money on your own is tough. Between planning a weekly shop, saving as much as you can for a house you can't afford, and Monzo passive-aggressively telling you that you might run out of money this month, getting finance savvy can sometimes feel overwhelming.
They say that two heads are better than one but that doesn't necessarily mean that managing your money with a partner is a walk in the park. While there is (hopefully) an added economic buffer to your lives in the form of some sort of shared pot of money, what are you supposed to do if your partner has terrible spending habits? What if they're not earning at all? What if one person hugely out-earns the other?
To get some ideas of how best to manage money with a partner, we asked the knowledgeable crew of the Facebook Money Diaries Group – and they responded like champs. Ahead, we've picked out some of our favourite responses to give you some starter thoughts for your own relationship.
How do you make your money work with your partner? Tell us in the comments.

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