The Best Skincare Products R29 Staff Have Discovered During Lockdown

Skincare is always a hot topic but it's never been more of a talking point than in the past few months. Whether you're dealing with breakouts, blotchy patches or dry skin, it seems lockdown conditions have caused a wide range of skin reactions. Though we can't be sure what causes the problems, a lack of fresh air, stress, anxiety, excess skin touching and changes to skincare routines can all contribute to quarantine face.
As a result, many of us are looking to shake up our skincare routine and introduce new products to help tackle skin flare-ups. Although there aren't any shortcuts to achieving glowing, healthy skin, there are products on the market that can help improve individual skin concerns. But with so many acids, toners, moisturisers and more to choose from, it can be hard to know which items are worth investing in.
From blemish-clearing serums to seaweed-infused face creams, seven R29 staffers share the products transforming their skin in lockdown.

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