8 Chic Rugs Under $300 To Bring Your Space Together

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A good rug can unify a space. It can bring personality to a rented home (with no risk of losing your deposit); it can add a touch of warmth, both physical and aesthetic; it can cover a multitude of sins on the floor beneath; it can make a big room cosier and a small room more bright. And as we head into the depths of winter — not to mention the sky-rocketing price of electricity — we need all the makeshift warmth we can get.
That said, finding homewares that are in your budget and fit your vibe isn't always easy. Particularly larger-scale items like rugs that typically can cost upwards of $1000. While they are an investment that you're not going to swap out as easily as some cushions or trinkets, you don't need to break the bank to source the one for you.
Luckily, we've done the hard work for you. Ahead we've scoured the Internet for the chicest affordable rugs (all under $300, thank you very much) to suit all sizes and aesthetics.
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