DIY Ombré Thank-You Notes Are a Thing, & They're Gorgeous

2Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Street.
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Knock out two New Year's resolutions in one hour: Save money and send out thank-you notes. One trip to the art-supply store and a quick rummage through your baking supplies and you're all set to take on this craft. These chic ombré thank-you cards are made using food coloring (yes, food coloring!). They're non-toxic, leave minimal stains (the coloring will wash off in one day if it gets on your hands) and they take all of about 60 seconds to dry.
Choose an array of food coloring colors (we LOVE McCormick's underrated neon packs!) and stock up on blank paper and envelopes. Carve out a few feet of counter space and let the dip-dyeing begin! Recipients will be in awe of your timeliness and craftiness. Click through for materials and how-to.
3Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Street.
What You'll Need
Hot water
Glass bowl
Food coloring
Scrap paper
Blank flat or folded cards (heavy stock) and envelopes (make sure your cards will fit in your envelopes!)
Paper towel
1Photo: Courtesy of Elizabeth Street.
Pour about 4 cups of hot water into a glass or heat-proof bowl. Drop 10-20 drops of food coloring into your dye bath (depending on how light or dark you want your coloring to be). Mix and match to create fun colors! Stir with a spoon.
Carefully dip one end of your blank note card or envelope into the bath — you may want to experiment with a piece of scrap paper to determine hold times. If you want to achieve two tones, hold for 30 seconds then submerge your card deeper and hold for another 30.
Blot gently with a paper towel, and let dry for two to five minutes. This can be done on a line with clothespins or simply resting on the paper towel — the dye tends to stay put even if a bit wet. If slight wrinkling occurs, place cards between two heavy books for an hour or two once dry.

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