10 Cold-Weather Lifesavers Fashion Editors Swear By

How to look stylish in the cold is an age-old question. Fashion editors seem to have mastered this dilemma, though their methods may appear baffling to outsiders. They seem unbothered by the fact that Fashion Week occurs smack dab in the middle of February and somehow look as impeccable and street-style ready as ever.

But there's no special green juice or coffee order that makes these stylish women impervious to the cold. Rather, it's outfit add-ons that make the fall and winter — and all the tricky dressing situations that come with them — a little more bearable: the techy puffer that secretly lives under all the statement outerwear, the blanket scarf that you can wrap yourself in four or five times over, the duck boots you simply have to get to survive the commute to work.

Once these lifesavers get introduced into your wardrobe, the cold will have nothing on your #OOTD. Ahead, check out 10 editor-approved pieces to add to your fall wardrobe now that will keep you warm as the chillier months come.

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