9 Tiny Apartments That Feel Cozy, Not Cramped

With rents getting higher and apartments getting smaller, we all know the challenge of trying to fit too much stuff into too little space. These tiny apartments manage to make the most of their small footprints with smart storage solutions and do-it-all furniture. City dwellers, take note!
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Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Williams/Dwell.
A growing Brooklyn family creates space in their compact apartment with multifunctional furniture that tucks away easily. Their penchant for keeping their living spaces tidy and uncluttered helps.
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Photo: Courtesy of Joakim Blockstrom/Dwell.
In the heart of London, this minimal apartment feels spacious, thanks to a giant skylight above the sleeping loft.
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Photo: Courtesy of Raimund Koch/Dwell.
New York City living is notoriously cramped. In this 500-square-foot Greenwich Village apartment, clever built-ins — like this loft with drawers in each of the stairs — free up space.
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Photo: Courtesy of Raimund Koch/Dwell.
In this Upper West Side apartment, a transformer-like cabinetry unit plays double duty as both a storage space and wall divider, separating the bed from the home office.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dean Kaufman/Dwell.
A group of friends live in this communal compound in Tokyo, composed of a number of freestanding rooms made of steel.
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Photo: Courtesy of Petra Bindel/Dwell.
A family in Helsinki prioritized its needs, choosing a dining room over a living room — a couch would suck up too much precious space.
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Photo: Courtesy of Drew Kelly/Dwell.
A custom wood unit provides ample storage space—including a dedicated area for clothes — inside an Emeryville, California loft.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dean Kaufman/Dwell.
Sliding partitions are the secret behind this comfortable, 560-square-foot Manhattan apartment — they easily create privacy, but can be pulled back to make an inviting, open-plan environment.
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Photo: Courtesy of Eli Meir Kaplan/Dwell.
In San Francisco, a building with 23 295-square-foot apartments sets an example for compact urban living.

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