How To Bring Your Dry Summer Hair Back To Life

"Vacation hair," as the advertisers would have it, is tousled (whatever that means) and waist-length, with natural highlights and a shine only comparable to the sun, under which it basks. It looks like it would be as soft as velvet to the touch. But in reality, our summer 'do looks more like we've been fiddling with some wiring with soaking-wet hands. (Fun fact: Not everyone's locks dry to perfection when exposed to the elements.)

In fact, when some of us emerge from the sea, our hair is crunchy to the touch, and it seems to remain as such when we return home and sit back at our desks — even after a shower. We expose our hair to sun, sea, chlorine, pollution, bleach, humidity, heat, and over-washing (we really torture our tresses, don't we?) and yet we expect it to bounce back each time. So what to do when hot hair just doesn't look hot anymore? When a blow-dry leaves it looking dull, or a good comb-out still leaves it flat?

First, don't freak out. There are plenty of solutions to get your hair back on track — the majority of which can be tried and tested sink-side. Honestly, there's lots you can do, even if your hair is suffering from acute heat exhaustion. Here's the drill.

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