This NYC Drag Queen Has Some Major Beauty Tips

"The first time you go out in drag you feel fabulous," says Trevor Efinger, better known as drag queen Holly Dae. Dae, who has been performing in drag for more than 10 years, has a very close relationship with makeup. "When you put on lipstick you can be somebody else and that can give you a boost to your ego," he says. "That's what drag and other women have in common — we can put something on and have it be our shield and armor."

In the past decade, drag queens' influence on popular culture has become more and more prevalent. The reality television series RuPaul's Drag Race, which searches for America's "next drag superstar" has won a handful of awards including an Emmy and a Critic's Choice Award. Which is why it's no surprise that drag makeup routines — from eyebrow enhancement to the best way to take off a no-budge liquid liner — have become some of the most popular content on YouTube and a bonafide source of makeup tricks and techniques. Case in point: baking. "Drag has become mainstream," says Dae. "Drag culture is in everyone's faces."

In the video above, Dae walks us through her typical makeup routine complete with a heavy contour, over-lined lips, and a seriously sultry smoky cut crease. Throughout the video, she answers questions about her background, performance, and dealing with makeup insecurities. Her advice? "Throw some glitter on it and own it."


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