Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: My Big Fat Downton Wedding

Photo: Courtesy of Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2015 for MASTERPIECE.
God bless Downton Abbey. A juicy storyline like Lady Mary being blackmailed will be wrapped up by the end of an episode, while tedious conversations about whether or not the village hospital should be absorbed by the bigger one in York drag on across several. Nobody cares.

The most exciting aspect of the hospital back-and-forth was the migraine it gave Lady Cora. After duking it out with the Dowager Countess, she returned home to find Mrs. Hughes trying on clothes in her room. Cora had agreed to let the housekeeper borrow something for her wedding, but ended up losing her shit instead. Poor Mrs. Hughes was made to feel like a naughty schoolgirl, but ended up getting an apology and a new (cough, gently used) outfit in the process.

Tempers were also flying at Edith's office. The newly minted publisher decided to send her insolent male editor packing, which was a) good (girl power!) and b) bad (hello, deadline). The sudden departure meant she had to cancel her drink with the affable agent Bertie Pelham. Instead, Pelham agreed to stay up all night and help her make the deadline. A man who ditches his cocktail to put together a women's magazine until the wee hours of the morning? Marry him, Edith. Marry him.

Back at Downton, Thomas underwent yet another unsuccessful interview, this time with a wealthy man who was hoping to reclaim the ghosts of parties past. The underbutler's dismal job prospects are merely illustrating just how much society has changed. The manor set is dying out, and at this rate, Thomas will have to push Carson down the stairs if he wants to get any proper service work.

Photo: Courtesy of Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2015 for MASTERPIECE.

When she's not fretting over Mr. Mason's ability to move into the Drewe's home, Daisy is prepping for her exams. Over at the Dowager Countess' house, there's a bit of intrigue with Denker busting Spratt for housing his fugitive nephew. Meanwhile, Carson has finally agreed to let Mrs. Hughes have a wedding away from the house.

And so it is that the two senior servants become man and wife on their own terms. Everyone's there to cheer them on, including, lo and behold, the much-missed Tom Branson and little Sibby. Turns out he's back from Boston and ready to be welcomed back into the Crawley fold. It's a bit cheeky to steal Carson's thunder, but who cares? Branson's back, baby!

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